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Content Writing

Detailed yet accessible

My content writing achieves two things: it makes for easy reading to drawn in as wide an audience as possible, and it is well-researched to appeal to your core market and keep them engaged.

I specialize in digital content, built from the ground up for web-reading and matching all the leading trends through search engine optimization. I typically write blog posts, long-form guides, scripts, and reviews.

Thanks to my tenacity for research, I can write about any topic without coming off as shallow. That said, my niches are consumer goods and gaming.

Samples of Original Digital Content

Image by mwangi gatheca

"Why To Launch Your Start-Up In Toronto"

Blog Post for a Toronto-based Investor

Objective: Draw interest from pre-incubation start-up owners

Image by Erik Mclean

"Return to Gotham!"

Email Ad Copy for a Comics and Games Store

Objective: Announce reopening and draw in customers

Image by Jon Tyson

"Filmify For You"

Video Sales Letter for Video Editing Software

Objective: Promote the software to amateur-level customers

External Links to Articles

Image by Inside Weather

"Canadian company Cozey continues to spearhead furniture innovation, emphasizing convenience and style"

National Post, 2023

Image by Jason Goodman

"Expert Tips on How to Come Up With a Business Name"

Wordlab, 2022

Fictional Character

"Warlock vs. Wizard: Which Class is Right for You?"

Dungeon Mastering, 2021

Image by Enrique Vidal Flores

"Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Musical Rebellion"

The Artifice, 2020

Image by Dollar Gill

"Complete Guide To Playing A Great Old One Warlock In 5th Edition D&D"

Dungeon Mastering, 2021

Image by Nathan Dumlao

"Review: Men’s Kodiak McKinney 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boot"

Durability Matters, 2021

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