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Review - “Mr Macau” by Betsoft

If you want a fresh twist on the classic five-reel slot machine, Mr Macau brings just that. With sticky symbols granting free respins, you can keep the momentum going and get lost in the spectacle of the Monte Carlo of the East!

Mr Macau brings all the glitz and glamor of the real-world city to your favorite online casinos. Macau has a bigger gambling industry than even Las Vegas and attracts high-profile gamblers from all over the world. With its luxurious design and host of fun features, Mr Macau would fit right in.



When playing Mr Macau, you can win up to x4338 your maximum bet, with an encouragingly high RTP of 97.07%. As a medium volatility slot machine, you can expect to win as often as you lose.

The game has 20 paylines, offering a good variety that can sometimes provide a surprise hit. Keep in mind that Mr Macau pays from left to right.

You choose from bet sizes from as low as $0.12 up to a $20.00 maximum, either spinning yourself or leaving it up to the autoplay feature.



In Mr Macau, WILD symbols are sticky, meaning they stay in place during your next two spins and help connect up those hard-to-get paylines. WILDS are pretty common too, so they can pile up over a few spins.

On every non-winning spin, there is also a chance for a random symbol to become sticky and award you free respins until that sticky symbol gets you a win. This will often result in a sizeable payout as the sticky symbol can appear up to 15 times across all five reels.

A losing streak also has a chance to activate “Mr Macau’s Wild Boost,” in which you get a free respin with extra WILD symbols. It is a nice treat to pull you out of your rut, but comes up rarely.

There are limited free spins in the game, earned by spinning triples or quadruples of the TRIPLE 7 scatter symbol.



Smooth jazz and the sounds of a busy casino pull you into the elegant world of Mr Macau. And every big payout is marked by a bombastic solo from the orchestra.


The visuals are reminiscent of an old vaudeville theater, with the slot machine lit up by glowing lightbulbs that flash whenever you hit a line. But, when you win big, the neon comes out as a fun visual celebration of your payout.

You can expect to see many classic symbols, like cherries, letters, and 7s. The higher payout symbols include a pile of casino chips, a bejewelled 88, and Mr Macau himself.

Overall, the interface is quite intuitive and surprisingly unbusy. The game knows when to get flashy and when to stay reserved.



Mr Macau is a pleasure to play because of its energetic but straightforward design, as well as inventive gameplay features that prevent the game from getting stale.

Most of these features only appear rarely, but the sticky WILD symbols show up frequently and tend to make-or-break spins.

The end package is good fun and will appeal to slot newcomers and veterans alike.

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