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Game Writing

Depth and design

Writing game dialogue is one of my fortes, thanks to my ability to flesh out a character with only a few well-phrased sentences. I have also handled content design work, covering enemy design, item design, and side-quest design. My true passion though is world design, where I excel at writing history, developing cultures, and making an entire world come to life.

I am also an experienced narrative designer, able to balance a number of plot paths in my writing. Whenever possible, I try to work closely with designers to meld gameplay and narrative. I look to integrate my writing with core game mechanics to ensure my work uplifts the game’s core concepts.

Image by Michelle Ding

Play an interactive fiction sample I wrote using Twine!

The Boneless Whisper


Play a short adventure
game I created in RPGMaker!


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Samples of Video Game Content

RPG Script

Excerpt from a script, covering three scenes of dialogue.

World History

Overview of major events and civilizations in a fantasy setting.

Newspaper Clipping

News article establishing exposition for a mystery game.

Faction Summaries

Details of several major factions in a fantasy setting.

Character Sheet

Personal details, motivations, and voice for a character in a detective game.

Research Notes

Typed notes establishing exposition for a mystery game.

Tutorial Letter

Letter to the player establishing goals and exposition for a mystery game.

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