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Game Writing

Depth and design

Writing game dialogue is one of my fortes, thanks to my ability to flesh out a character with only a few well-phrased sentences. I have also handled content design work, covering enemy design, item design, and side-quest design. My true passion though is world design, where I excel at writing history, developing cultures, and making an entire world come to life.

I am also an experienced narrative designer, able to balance a number of plot paths in my writing. Whenever possible, I try to work closely with designers to meld gameplay and narrative. I look to integrate my writing with core game mechanics to ensure my work uplifts the game’s core concepts.

Project Showcase

A collection of indie projects where I challenged myself to overcome game design hurdles and create riveting, balanced game content!

Image by Burst

Samples of Video Game Content

Lore bibles, dialogue scripts, multimedia props, and design documentation, demonstrating breadth and experience with game writing.

RPG Script

Excerpt from a script, covering three scenes of dialogue.

World History

Overview of major events and civilizations in a fantasy setting.

Newspaper Clipping

News article establishing exposition for a mystery game.

Faction Summaries

Details of several major factions in a fantasy setting.

Character Sheet

Personal details, motivations, and voice for a character in a detective game.

Research Notes

Typed notes establishing exposition for a mystery game.

Tutorial Letter

Letter to the player establishing goals and exposition for a mystery game.

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